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About me

I'm a keen and avid role-player. My focus is always on running an engaging, entertaining game with a narrative that players will want to engage and contribute to. I've played and in the last decade in particular run a lot of games. Mostly within the realm of World of Darkness and D&D. In the past I've been responsible for constructing and implementing rules for a shared setting within Vampire: The Requiem in a shared setting across the UK. Within that I've organised, written and rant weekend events with more than a 100 attendees. Since the beginning of the pandemic I've moved more into the online sphere, first to keep engaged with my friends and the games I was running at the time. I've since expanded my circle. running for strangers who are looking for a safe space to game. I've got over a 1000 hours now of running online experience. I own all the D&D sourcebooks on DnD Beyond and the membership to share. In addition I have a lot of additional content and tools I've collected over the years from DM's Guild and DriveThruRpg. As of May 2022 I have finished running a Curse of Strahd and Tyranny of Dragons campaign both started early 2020.

GM style

I think in this section it's best if I get some of my players to tell you a little about my style: "Nick always plans and executes really well thought out and fun adventures. He likes to get everyone involved and adapt to peoples play styles. Nick listens to and works with the players both individually and as a group. Nick isn't worried about calling someone/something out or to correct something if it needs it. He's new player friendly and basically makes up really fun, well run campaigns with an emphasis on the narrative." - Michael "Nick is patient, attentive and willing to run with the hair-brained schemes his players come up with." - Steff "Nick does funny NPC voices. He has good attention to detail and pays attention to character backstory. He's also very good at combat running." - Marco "Nick always comes to the table fully prepared with solid sessions planned out fully. He does great character voices that immerse you in the moment. He's fair on his rulings and always clear and concise on his reasoning for any decision he makes. His encounters are fun and sometimes brutal but that is half of the enjoyment. I love playing in his campaigns and hope to continue to do so as long as he runs in them." - Mark

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