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About me

Since the summer of 1992 I’ve been drawn to fantasy worlds. Books, movies, games and more. I got introduced to Dungeons and Dragons at band camp (Yea, yea, I know. Ask for some stories, it’s not as geeky as it sounds) and it started a lifelong love of tabletop gaming. What’s that mean? 30+ years of playing TTRPGs 20+ years of DMing TTRPGs 10+ years of DMing online I'm not too bad of a person, either! I like to joke around and keep things on the lighter side, when grim seriousness, horror or tension isn't required. I use primarily Foundry VTT, which means you don't need to do anything except type in a URL and know how to use Discord! House calls are a possibility!

GM style

I love a blend of roleplay and tactical combat in my sessions. I lean towards crunchy combat, with room for player creativity when it makes good sense. I believe that rules are important and make the game a game, but they aren't everything. I'm not a pro voice actor, but I love doing different voices and keeping the NPCs interesting. I use music and sound effects during gameplay, not blow-by-blow, but atmospheric goodness. I love running players through Adventure Paths and Modules, which I often modify a little and apply my own style, adjusting content to the group. I enjoy players that develop a character's back story, so I can toss PC customized content into every story. Custom cut-scenes, session introductions and more, centered around the PCs and their foes. I also like to dabble with homebrew. My current homebrew world is taking place in a world called Kyria; a huge world teetering on the edge of war. Tensions are high, evil is on the cusp of revealing their plans and heroes are needed to right the world. Kyria is a bit of a darker world, closer to a DC comics style of mild grittiness, rather than the bright and shiny Marvel comics world.

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