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About me

I'm the permanent DM/GM by choice...there I said it and I am damn proud of it too! I've been playing TTRPGs since I was 15, I've been running them since I was 20, Im now Old as a stubborn dwarf...ok I'm in my mid 30s but still I've got about 2535hrs in game least, and Talo's knows how many hours prepping. I'm a modern day Bard. I like to tell stories.I put in more "work" into DMing than my real job. whether it is honing my voice acting, to dungeon building, to trying to master dramatic scenes and improv, or just coming up with awesome hooks and adventures for people to get up to. GMing is my creative output.

GM style

I love to bring an ever evolving world to life with the players and watch them burn my creations to the ground lol. I bring a relaxing, fun, and exciting atmosphere with all the bells and whistles. I know the rules of the games I run. But I use them as a guideline more than enforce them, The story take priority over RAW. and your fun takes priority over the story. No matter what YOU decide to do in my games I have enough Improv skill to run with it so, No you will never be Railroaded. By playing with me you can expect: a story, Maps, Music, sound effects, slightly off voice acting. OC 3d renders of NPC's and your characters for visuals, lasting friendships, lasting rivalries, The lasting satisfaction of watching your characters grow in strength & glory while developing an amazing story that you can tell to people during work parties, family gatherings, or even during an awkward first date! I tailor the game to the players and try to accommodate everyone at the table. My themes & settings I tend to use are wide ranging. Fantasy, Horror, Sci-fi, Superhero you name it I can try to run it.


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