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About me

Hey, you, you're finally awake. You were trying to find a game, right? Dank memes aside, it's a pleasure to meet you. You can call me Boltrix or Bolt for short. Once upon a time I stumbled into a game of Dungeons and Dragons about 7 years ago, but only really started getting into tabletop gaming in the start of 2017: I made my first extended foray into the wonderful addiction that is Dungeons and Dragons 5E with a group of close friends, and from there it all sort of just snowballed. I've had my highs, like taking the dragon's breath weapon point blank and surviving at one hit point, and I've had my lows, such as rolling up to session as a blue dragonborn ranger with no idea what I just signed up for... a non-revised base PHB dragonborn ranger for reference (still one of my favorite characters to this day). It only took a little more than a year for me to get DM fever and begin running my own games, and I've made the hurdles we all do when we learn to run our own games, such as the horrors of implementing mass combat (side note: never run 20+ mooks with individual initiatives on your first session, unless you want players to wait half an hour to take their turn), or giving a puzzle you yourself think is easy to solve to your players, only to spend half the session tearing your hair out that said puzzle is 'too hard' to them. Since then, I've had several games under my belt, tried more than a few D&D 5E system variantions, and I've even dipped my toes into other game systems, such as Star Wars Saga Edition and Naruto d20. And like many who enjoy tabletop, I've created quite a bit of homebrew, mostly based in 5th Edition D&D due to my familarity with the system. Nothing I've marketed (yet), but I've come with with quite a number of subclasses (both revisions of base subclasses as well as my genuine original ones), some base classes such as a Death Knight, Dragon Tamer, and even Stand User (and yes, before you ask, this IS a JoJo reference). Hell, I've even created an optional system for nightly activities that could say: corrupt champions if you catch my drift? Some of my players are freaking degenerates, and I'm worse for being no different and enabling them. You could say each step of my life as a player and as a GM has been its own little adventure, and this is the next part. Moving from being a casual GM to professional status is a big step, especially since I expect to ask money from you, but I also remember the adage: Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life. I love tabletop, and many in my personal circle enjoy it (some... maybe a bit too much), and I'd rather devote the time and effort I need to make money doing something I actually enjoy. And in turn, you get to enjoy an experience provided by a GM who gives his all to you, and shapes his games for your enjoyment.

GM style

As a Game Master, I find that my greatest strength is allowing my players to live out the fantasies they can only imagine with their characters. While I am a firm believer that the dice make things interesting and the rules help to form a mold, the end product should be something everyone is able to enjoy. I am also adaptable, and don't mind playing a setting or game with a tone that might not fit the intended product or even what many would consider unconventional. Want me to run Curse of Strahd beyond intended levels and make Strahd a truly epic encounter? I can do that. Do you want to play a campaign where a bunch of max-level adventurers are dropped into a situation that could be resolved by level 3? You got it. Maybe you just want to play a sitcom in the form of a tabletop game? Donezo. Perhaps you're done with playing legitimate encounters and want to see what all the fuss with murderhoboing is all about. I'll let you indulge that train wreck. Whatever you can imagine, I'll work with you to make that experience possible. Just don't be surprised if your new catchphrase becomes, 'well, Bolt lets me do that in his sessions.'

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