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About me

I'm an eternal DM who thinks every game deserves a fair chance. If you can convince me that a rule needs changing, I'll listen. I believe every group needs safety mechanisms for both the players and their characters. I love running games for a lot of different systems. My current favorites are the good old D&D 5th edition and Fantasy Flight's Star Wars RPG. The former because it's what I started with, and the latter because it's what I love most. The FFG Star Wars system provides so much interactivity and narrative fluidity that I just find it to be eternally appealing. That being said, I have learned ways to implement some of that narrativity into more rigid RPGs like D&D without infringing on what makes the system great. I'm welcome to players of all experience levels with tabletop RPGs of any type, and I will always do my best to make the system more fair for the players than it is for me; it's no fun if the bad guys win, but it's also no fun if things are too easy. I generally do not use sites such as D&D beyond or Roll20, as the majority of my games are played using Theater of the Mind, and those that aren't, I run in person. I trust my players to roll their own dice, and only use dice rollers for games with custom dice, such as FFG Star Wars and Genesys. After all, the best feeling is rolling a natural 20 using your own clickity clack math rocks. I do not tolerate hate speech or offensive character ideas at my tables. Any such ideas that I include in my games as themes for my villains will be discussed with the table beforehand, and will be used exclusively by the villains. I am firmly a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and both of my partners are POC. My tables are safe spaces, and a dedicated part of my session zeroes goes to making sure that all players are comfortable with each other and setting up safety practices so that everyone can feel that the table is a safe space. With all that being said, I hope you enjoy your day, and may all your dice roll well.

GM style

I enjoy roleplaying, however I find it more satisfying to get the party to engage in roleplay with each other; it is more satisfying to form connections to real people than to an npc, from what I've experienced. I love doing voices, but full transparency, they almost always end up as some kind of british/english accent, regardless of how they start. I enjoy making sure that the rules are followed, but if it takes more than a few moments to look up, or nobody knows it off-hand, I will normally go with the Rule of Cool, or alter the rule for the moment until it can be more conveniently looked up. For instance, if I forget how sneak attack for a rogue fully works, but I know at least part of it is applicable, I'll let the player get their sneak attack. I see my job as a DM as an enabler, not a disabler: whatever makes the players feel as if they have more of an impact and lets them enjoy the game more fully, I'll work with them to make it happen. My tables are safe spaces. I am firmly a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and both of my partners are POC. This translates to me spending a lot of time making sure my players are okay in the early sessions, until I've learned their reactions and can gauge their emotional compasses well enough to not trigger any bad reactions.


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