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About me

Greetings traveller, take a sit by the hearth and listen to my tale. I am Christopher and I have been a Player since 1996 and a Game Master since 2000. My introduction to tabletop roleplaying games in the world of Mystara using the AD&D 2nd Edition, changed my life. I have always been a gamer of all sorts, yet after I discovered the potential of TTRPGs, all other games slowly faded into oblivion. No AI engine can compare with the mind's eye and human imagination, and when interactive storytelling comes into the mix, the possibilities are endless. Even since then, an urge to create my own stories has led me to try various different systems, and explore every option available for me to do so. Having played with hundreds of players so far and GM'ed for even more, I usually lean towards the d20 system and since 2015, almost exclusively towards the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. I am a multiartist from Greece under the pseudonym Polytropos, and I act as a writer, narrator, musician, singer, composer, lyricist, and mapmaker. With 13 published titles on the DMs Guild through my project DM Conclave many of which having gained distinctions, the recent release of my first single in fantasy medieval music, and the imminent publication of my first dark fantasy anthology, I have decided to delve into professional GMing as well. More info on DM Conclave: You can listen to my first medieval fantasy single here:

GM style

In the games I GM, I like to equally distribute the importance of roleplaying, decisions and choices, and actual combat. I have been told that I excel in improvisation, descriptions and encounter crafting, as well as story building and character development. I only play my own material which is comprised from my DMs Guild publications, as well as several campaigns that have been playtested and enjoyed many a time by my players. I prefer to play a semi-sandbox style in my Campaigns so that my players can explore the world extensivelly, and affect it through their actions. I especially like to include players' backstories in Campaigns and through their choices, make them feel a true part of the world. Ruleswise I tend to stick to RAW, but will occasionaly use RAI if deemed appropriate by the circumstances. I love one shot adventures that keep my players on their toes, and also investing in long-term campaigns that will transform the newbie adventurers into mighty heroes of legend. My campaigns are designed for 4-6 or 6-8 player characters, and my one shot adventures are usually designed for 3-5 but can also be for 4-6 player characters. My favorite setting is by far the Forgotten Realms, followed closely by Masque of the Red Death (and a modern homebrew variation of it), and also Dragonlance, and the Hyborian Age of Conan. Your level of gaming experience does not matter at all, and bringing new players to the game is one of the main joys of mine in being a DM. If you enjoy a balance of challenging roleplaying encounters where words really matter, and thrilling combat that will hold you at the edge of your seat, let's play together! Things I don't allow in my games: Metagaming, Hate speech, Bullying, Discrimination, Offensive comments, Lack of social etiquette. Dislaimer: some of the themes I tend to use are dark with horror elements and are not for the faint of heart. If you feel that a specific theme might make you feel uncomfortable or trigger you in any way, feel free to contact me beforehand so that I can mediate it, or remove it entirely.


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