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About me

GM Zayne Vos, a passionate Game Master, brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the StartPlaying.Games community. Zayne's journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) began in the mid to late '80s, when he was introduced to the game by his older cousins. It didn't take long for Zayne to dive into the role of Dungeon Master, which he continued to do throughout college. Zayne took a break from D&D after the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons era, but rekindled his love for the game three years ago and resumed his role as a Game Master a year ago. Although he has tried various other tabletop RPGs, Zayne always returns to D&D. For now, he will be professionally GMing 5e but plans to explore other systems as he gains more experience. Before delving into the world of professional game mastering, Zayne worked as a Financial Advisor and retired early. Outside of gaming, he's a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan and loves attending local Iowa Cubs games with his friends and family. Zayne was once a +4 handicap golfer but had to give up the sport for health reasons. However, his love for the game lives on in a backyard golf game he invented for his children, which they enjoy playing together. Fun fact: Zayne's all-time favorite D&D character is a Kender Thief, which was also his first-ever character. This quirky and memorable character holds a special place in his heart and serves as a reminder of his enduring passion for the world of D&D.

GM style

GM Zayne Vos is known for his dynamic and engaging GM style that caters to players of various skill levels. He strives to maintain a balanced approach between role-playing, combat, exploration, and skill challenges, ensuring that his games are both exciting and immersive. When it comes to player agency, Zayne adapts his style based on his players' experience. For newer players, he leans towards a more linear approach, whereas seasoned players enjoy the freedom of a sandbox-style game. Zayne thrives on the unexpected and embraces the randomness that player actions can bring, using it as a catalyst for creativity and imagination. Zayne is a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, which is evident in his thorough world-building and NPC backgrounds. His dedication to preparation allows him to run multiple campaigns in the same world, ensuring that every story element is used effectively. As a proponent of the Rule of Cool, Zayne incorporates numerous house rules that prioritize fun and creativity over strict adherence to the rules as written. In his sessions, Zayne aims to create a lighthearted and humorous atmosphere, though he's not afraid to delve into darker and more serious themes when the situation calls for it. He has a player-centric philosophy when it comes to character building, focusing on helping players create characters that make them feel invincible and amazing. Zayne's ultimate goal is to facilitate a memorable and enjoyable gaming experience that allows each player to live out their own fantasy.


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