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About me

I have nearly 3 decades of TTRPG experience, This is a life long passion of mine. I tend to tell story's of the grittier nature with horror elements. That being said I am working on skills to help develop and hone my story telling abilities, for a more Fantasy/Sci-Fi style of play. I enjoy all the development of Game Mastering, At times I create my own maps and use music to help tell a story. I will also often fall into a character and use mannerisms and tone to keep in that character. I am open minded to however players wish to play, may it be High Role Playing or Mechanical in nature. From The uninhibited Cos-Player to The Reticent dice rolling Wall-Flower, all are welcome.

GM style

I as a GM really love character progression as well as player progression, I provide story's with hard choices and at times realistic consequences with equal rewards. I enjoy roleplay and tactical combat and the occasional loveable NPC.

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