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About me

Hi! I'm Mike, otherwise known as DangerKiwi... 'cos I'm originally from New Zealand and Kiwis are very... dangerous. If you've ever seen one, you'll know what I mean :) I started playing waaaaaay back in AD&D days but then discovered beer, and dating, which stole my attention for far too long. But about five years ago my wife overheard some of her colleagues talking about how they needed another player for their regular game and faster than a displacer beast... displaces, I was back in the groove. Soon after that campaign ended and the group was talking about the need for somebody else to step up and DM, and I thought to myself 'you know, that looks kinda fun, and besides, how hard can it be?!' Fast forward and I've spent hours, days, weeks even preparing games, and getting everything just right. All the way to publishing my own adventure on The DMs Guild. Since then I've DM'd 100's of games for all kinds of players. From young kids taking their first steps into RPGs, to seasoned pros who've seen it all and got the artifacts to prove it!

GM style

I see the DM as a story-teller and referee. We're all there to have fun and face challenges, but the monsters want to live too, and it's my job to thread-the-needle between those things. I like a mix of roleplaying and tactical combat/exploration. Sometimes the mix will lean one way more than the other, depending on how the groups plays together, but that's cool. I like to be responsive to the group's approach, but also provide a challenge and make you work for the phat loot. I was an actor in a previous life, so I love taking on NPC roles and bringing them to life with accents and attitudes. I can do most European accents (from either hemisphere, with wildly varying degrees of accuracy) but, for some reason, all my dwarves end up with a Scottish accent... go figure! Currently I'm working mainly from existing adventures, but I've added my own spin and tried to make them sparkle just a little more. I especially like the adventures based on old school stuff, but I also really enjoy running new adventures too. I've run LMoP for brand new players multiple times now, and have got it really well dialed in. I'm not automatically against homebrew material, but it needs to fit both within the campaign and the party and I'm always open to a discussion/to being persuaded.

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