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I am a huge advocate of player agency, I feel like it is my duty as a DM to set out options for the players and to let them choose where they want to take the story. I like to run campaigns that can be fun and silly at times while also having moments of heavy action and tension. I only have about 3 years of experience DMing but I have been running one continuous campaign the entire time as well as one shots dotted here and there. On top of my heavy reliance on player agency I also like to use scenarios to subvert the players expectations.

GM style

I like to surprise the players with unexpected twists on old tropes, if I can come up with something the players haven't seen before than I feel like I am doing my job right. As a DM I feel like it is my job to create a world of options for the players, letting them decide where the story goes. Some times the players go places or do things in ways that the DM never expected so improvisation is key, but it is crucial to do so in a way that is not only satisfying but makes sense. I love it when the players interact with the NPCs that I have made and try to delve deep into what makes them the character they are. As far as combat is concerned I use a mix of both hard encounters that leave the players walking away feeling as if they accomplished something, as well as combat encounters that are fun and quick encounters.

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