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AS FEATURED ON CNN I started playing DnD in 1977 when elf and dwarf were classes, not races. 45 years as a play 44 as a DM More years live action role play than i care to admit Five years dar age re enactment 789AD to 1066AD saxon vioking and norman steel weapon combat and living history displays Since the various lockdowns playing face to face became difficult so I came here. I favour RP-heavy games with dynamic combat. In other words, unless the AC is really obscure and the goblin has a 20 dex I tend to tell my players the AC, after all when you see a 14 miss and a 15 hit the cat is out of the bag. By knowing the AC you know if you hit or miss and can describe what happens rather than I roll 15 you hit roll damage 6 points ok next person, you roll you know you hit you say I slash the goblin across the face for 6 points. Happy to DM groups from their first game to very advanced. I will be running a mix of new modules and some old classics with a little homebrew thrown in for good measure

GM style

Heavily into role play and some character voices especially for main NPCs. Add some traps and puzzles Combat is the icing on the cake and should be exciting, not the whole cake though.

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