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About me

I have been playing and running games for around 20 years. I'm very much about rule of cool over rules as written and enjoy telling and creating fun interactive experiences together with my players. (rules lawyer types probably wont have fun here, sorry folks :( ...) I like to keep games running fast and smooth and am likely to make up a ruling on the fly to make sure we are able to keep that cinematic experience going. (we can always look up the correct rule when we arent in the heat of the moment, such as break time or before or after a game) Im interested in running games for Primarily Cyberpunk, But also have a ton of experience in DND and Pathfinder (more than cyberpunk tbh). Im also looking to run some games in mutant year zero and genlab alpha if anyone is interested. A lot of the stories i create could easily find a place in a B movie. They are fun, cheesy and don't always make complete sense. But is that really necessary when wizards can create balls of fire out of thin air? But im also capable of creating a dynamic tailored story to fulfill character development arch's these can range from ultra serious storylines such as over throwing a mega corporation for its abuse of tech and power. To helping a man meet his online love of 3 years for the first time.. that just so happened to be a sentient A.I.

GM style

I am very flexible when it comes to GMing. I can run roleplay heavy games, silly nonsensical random fun. Heart warming games or very tactical and crunchy combat. I tend to tailor my games to what players are looking for and stay within parameters that everyone has agreed to. If my players have no preferences then my games tend to be an odd amalgamation of silly b movie action comedies people usually comment on how odd things can be but that it was a lot of fun. Everyone i have gmed for has come back for more. So i guess we are doing something correct! I also have talespire and am learning how to make that as awesome as can be. so that will be something to look forward to in the future!

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