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About me

So about 7 years agto a friend of mine showed me a game called stars without number. SInce then I've been dming for about 7 years now. I find the world building and cooperative storytelling to be my favorite things from the hobby and look forward to many more years of gming in the future.

GM style

My style has developed into a love of storytelling and role-play. This style specifically centers around my world. Before i run any game I make sure that I have my world fully fleshed out. How does the environment effect the people of the world, how does magic effect the everyday life of a person in the world, how does the environment effect the culture and language. Another part of my style is the technique of referencing camera shots and angles for the descriptions of environment and characters in my game. Everyone has seen long tracking shots, sweeping angles, and portrait focus. I think this adds a level of connection for anyone's immersion. Finally a large part of my style is influenced by my Aphantasia. I try to provide visual aids as well as heavily descriptive scenes of rooms people and environment, because that's how my brain organizes that information.

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