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Jarred the Modron
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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Inclusive

About me

Greetings fellow adventurers! My name is Jarred and I have been GMing (and playing) games for around 10 years now, including a few multi year long campaigns. I absolutely love TTRPGs. They bring me happiness, and I find that its a good sweet spot for my mixed introvert and extrovert self to be. I think that acting and playing out stories is a fantastic way to express ourselves and honestly just to have a blast with good nerdy friends. For my credentials: As noted, I've run games for about 10 years now. I have run, and really enjoy trying lots of systems. Some of the major systems I have experience with are: -- DnD 5e -- Pathfinder (although it's been a hot minute) -- Monster of the Week (A Favorite) -- Masks -- Demigods -- Basically anything Powered by the Apocalypse -- Kobolds Ate my Baby I also have the materials and know most of the ins and outs for the following: -- Savage Worlds -- Kids on Brooms Currently, I've been running a 1.5 year long Curse of Strahd game, and would love to play some of the other modules. Some I am dying to run are: Storm King's Thunder, Descent into Avernus, EBERRON, and Strixhaven / Ravnica. I also have the modules for Candlekeep Mysteries and Yawning Portal already. Mechanically, I am well versed in Roll 20 and would probably want to use that for gameplay but I'm flexible and would be willing to try out other mediums. Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully I have enticed some people to join my games and tell some rad stories with me. :)

GM style

For a little on my nerdy self and how I run games: I really love telling stories and try to make the game play for any game I run feel that way. TTRPGs should be a collaborative story in my opinion, and because of that I am one who tends to play for story rather than just to play a game. Rules still matter and are important, they help build the structure, but rules should come secondary to good story telling and an overall fun time. I do lots of different voices while playing and try to challenge myself to add new voices and accents all the time (although I stick mostly with European / American accents to avoid any appropriation). I personally like combat and enjoy characters who make combat wild and fun. I tend to shy away from long super crunchy combat though, since it tends to almost take people out of the roleplay. I think it's all about finding the right balance.

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