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About me

Hello Adventure. I am Arcane Narrator, here to guide you as you slay goblins, talk down bandits and make your way to the BBEG who took your sweet roll.

GM style

My favorite prompt for players is, "What would you like to do?" Roleplay - expect roleplaying at my table in a rich, immersive, and dynamic world. Imagine if YOU were in the situation of your character. What is your character thinking. Combat: D&D is a combat-oriented game. Expect it to be significant that it can change the course of the story, for good or bad. I'm tactically minded and love running minor skirmishes to massive hordes with boss battles. Winning isn't guaranteed, as I set up encounters to be challenging. 🧭Exploration: The great big world is where the adventure happens. Expect a mix of roleplay, skill challenges, to possible side quests to explore the world. 📣I'm your character's biggest fan after you! 🤝🏾Play D&D with a cooperative team-based framework. 🆕 I encourage new players and veterans too. 📖Great storytelling. 🧔🏽Interesting NPCs in a vibrant, dynamic world. 🔦Everyone has a chance to shine. 🛃I love supporting 3rd party and independent creators. 🙋🏻‍♀️Choices matter; for your character and the world around them. 🙌🏻Open your imagination and let D&D in. 🦺A safe play environment


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