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About me

I am The Ixitarian DM, or Ixi for short! I have been running TTRPG campaigns for over 8 years. All of my campaigns are homebrew, I do not run modules. My games are all set in Ixitaria, my homebrew world, with 2 massive continents (and an archipelago the size of a third), thousands of years of history, and tons of fantastical creatures, people, magic, and secrets! Each campaign begins with a session 0 to establish baseline rules, create characters, and get a feeling for how characters may interact, with a simple combat encounter at the end to make sure everyone enjoys the playstyle of their character in practice as well as in theory. The only hard-set rules are "no fantasy racism," "no sexual violence," and "all player characters must be willing to work with the party." Beyond this, I work with each group to establish rules, themes, and topics that people are comfortable/uncomfortable exploring in game. Sessions for most campaigns are about 4 hours, but this is flexible.

GM style

I run a variety of different styles of games. For players that want heavy, tactical combat with death as a possibility in every fight, I can provide that, or the opposite for players that prefer a lighter "superhero" feel to their campaign. For groups that prefer a more roleplay heavy campaign, I can keep a web of different characters, including their relationships to each other and to the party. I have a wide variety of voices, accents, styles/inflections, as well as a voice modulator for characters that have less human-sounding voices (warforged in dnd, androids in pathfinder 2e, etc). There are megadungeons that can be crawled, ancient temples' secrets to be exposed, gods/demons/liches/other incredibly powerful beings to be fought. There are hundreds or thousands of different angles to approach the world from.

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