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Welcome to the dungeon. My name is Dean and I have been a dungeon master since 5e started. Initially I started out hosting games for close friends before branching out to other groups through Roll20. I steadily developed the traits which have defined me as a DM with the groups I play with; player integration, engaging pacing and intriguing dilemmas. For player integration, I pay close attention to how each player plays their character. Doing so I can pick up on traits and use those to craft tailored experiences for the player. Pacing is incredibly important for me. I like to keep a steady pace moving through a game. I avoid bloated and repetitive combat, choosing to rather take advantage of the full adventuring day for a wide variety of combat situations. Dilemmas are often the corner stone of game changing moments that really allow the players actions and decisions to have a real in-game impact on the world. You will often be presented with multiple hooks and story paths to follow. Both action and in-action will have consequences in the games that I run.

GM style

My favorite campaign to run is Curse of Strahd. The reason for this is because it ticks all of the boxes I love about being a DM. 1) A wide variety of interesting interactions with NPC's 2) Tight, tough and tactical combat that requires more planning than just "punch it till it dies" 3) Tense and horror filled moments with appropriate music through Rythm on Discord. 4) World Flexibility - Allows me to weave the players characters into the world through their backstories, decisions and inaction. 5) An imposing, charismatic villain. I try to provide a variety of types of gameplay for my players so that each session felt slightly different and highlighted different aspects of the D&D 5e game. I also try to do this with modules also, I tend to use them as a foundation to build up a dynamic flowing story with my players.

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