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About me

Nathan Howard is a conservatory trained professional actor working in VO, TV, and film. He also just happens to be a giant TTRPG nerd as well! Raised from a young age on a healthy diet of both classic rulesets and more experimental settings, Nathan has a love of collective storytelling and having a great time with some folks rolling dice. Letting other GMs focus on the more meaty and crunchy side of RPGs, Nathan hopes to bring an engaging fast and loose experience to his groups. An aspect of The Hobby Nathan enjoys most is helping new players join up and feel comfortable engaging in the shared experience. Seeing the moment when it all really clicks for that person is a joy!

GM style

Very much a fan of roleplaying and group dynamics low on tactical grid combat and more focused on "theatre of the Mind" descriptions A lover of OSR "rulings over rules" and flow of fun Love to use NPC voices Enjoys building stories collectively with the group

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