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About me

I have been GMing games since the early 80's. Starting with AD&D and then Paranoia, Talislanta, Torg, MERP, Role Master, Gamma World, Champions Marvel Superheroes amongst others. My current passion is Savage Worlds, primarily Deadlands Re-loaded. I have Gm'ed play styles from Tactical Dungeon crawls, to RP heavy where a dice is rarely rolled. Currently, I would be looking to GM groups that were interested in placing Savage Worlds, Hero System or Call of Cthulhu. I can host games on Either Roll20 of Foundry and would tailor any stories to include player characters' backstories as much as possible. Any game will include a session zero, where during the course of character creation all parties can get to know each other a little and decide if I am a good fit for the players. If you would like to get a feel for the type of GM I am, you can hear what I do at WWW.CHIMPIONS.CO.UK

GM style

I always try to alter my style to fit my players, but I tend to gravitate to a balance between combat and Role Play. I do character voices for important NPC's, but make no claim about their quality. My main aim as a GM is for the players to have an enjoyable and challenging game.


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