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Viscount Gaming (Vernon H.)
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Viscount Gaming (Vernon H.)

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About me

Hello Internet, my name is Vernon. I have been playing and running games of D&D 5e for just over 3 years on a regular basis after giving up on the struggle of dealing with greifers in the world of onlinevideo gaming. I have a head full of mostly useless trivia and entertainment media to bring players to ruckus laughter or the depths of eldritch fear, but I refuse to take away player agency. Just remember that reciprocity is a thing. I have a simple guideline of play: Fun>rules, rules>chaos, real life>gaming I'm very player focused, meaning I try to give players every opportunity to meet their character goals. As a professional game master, it is also necessary to respect the boundaries, lines and veils of the players at the table. Consent is key to any good time and yes, I do provide and abide by a list of socially acceptable behavior between myself and the players at the table. Let's be real, nobody plays a game to be stressed out. We are here to have fun together but not at the expense of one another. If you are looking for a game master that is respectful, courteous, firm and punctual, you can find others, but I'd prefer that you have a seat at my virtual table.

GM style

The best way to describe my style is, in a word, cinematic. The first thing I'll tell my players, after hello, is 'tell me what you want to do, I'll tell you what to roll'. Yes I do believe in the rule of cool, but the dice decide if and what happens. Rules trump chaos but fun is the main goal. I do use voices though I am not a trained voice actor. Also, I do not require players to use alternate voices for characters, that is 100 percent in the hands of players, you play your character and I'll handle the rest of the world. On the point of voice acting, I do take beats and accents from the real world but I do not play negative stereotype or racist or any kind of hateful caricatures. One part of being professional is that respect must be paid. I take the time to learn what my player's lines and veils are and adjust the materials to respect those to facilitate a good time. Everyone is invited to my cookout


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