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About me

A DM of 9 years and have done many workshops primarily teaching players how to get into the world's greatest roleplaying game by detaching from reality, TTRPGs are freedom of choice within a new world. I am 22 years of age, based in California while growing up mostly in Maine, and have years of theater experience dating back to kindergarten with a Waldorfian feel. As well as creative writing courses as the game itself took precedence in social life. I do everything I can to branch out to new players so that they can experience the same joy this has brought me over all these years! Having predominately taught the game from a young age, I am very passionate about the craft and have learned to integrate it into an online platform because of it. I am boisterous and hugely enjoy improv spurring a safe space for ingenuity and creative thought. I hope to inspire and bring you on yet another creative journey through the realms of the theater of mind! ✨Fantastical and Immersive Settings♦️ 🃏Diverse and Memorable Characters♥️ ⚔️Challenging Combat and High Stakes♠️ 🔮Dramatic Roleplay and Shocking Moments♣️ 🎭 Come reshape the story by telling your tale, and Make friends throughout!🎭

GM style

As a DM I have run many different themes of games all including intrigue, exploration, and combat backed up by storytelling. Where you the player decide the overarching narrative with personalized stories mixed in through choices and character creation. I emphasize the interaction and teamwork aspect of the game hoping to be very inclusive and create a space where theater of mind through roleplay can be embraced to the fullest. Having taken experience from other roleplaying systems such as the FATE core system and its Star Wars material, Monster of the Week, and Alternative DND supplemental games such as Lord of The Rings or Fallout, and even Borderlands. To darker themes such as Frostpunk, The Last of Us, and Castlevania. Homebrew is creatively moderated as well as rules as written mentalities hoping to create a higher sense of balanced realism within a fantasy world combined with the rule of cool. Beyond my passion for the game, I also strive to make the user experience vivid and accessible for new players. I have put many hours into using virtual tabletops within the last couple of years, predominantly Roll20, but also some Foundry VT. Even though I’ve run the vast majority of my games with physical miniatures or theater of the mind, I’ve come to think that virtual tabletops offer the richest experience. I find it equally important to have a written aspect to simulate pen-and-paper play, allowing for different ways to contribute notes and recap information. High-energy, heavily involved, and improv that encourages leaning into a narrative within the story. LGBTQ+ Inclusive as well as bearing in mind any future content with players during a session zero. Will also commission art upon reaching mid-game within the story!

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