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Wesley Todd

2 years on StartPlaying

About me

I started GMing early on in highschool, mostly because our DM got too busy and was going to ditch the campaign. I ran that campaign for about a month and then went on to run several other 5e campaigns. Eventually discord swung around and I started DMing online, I've managed large westmarch style campaigns (play-by-post) and run my own custom campaigns. I rarely do modules although my DMing style is flexible and if you and your party want more RP and intrigue or combat I'm more than willing to accommodate. Finally I'm more than willing to run advanced parties or introduce newbies to the game, my system of choice is pathfinder though I can run others if needed.

GM style

My DMing style is very flexible, I like to mold my campaigns and their events around my players. The only things that are ever set in stone in my campaigns are the start and end goal, I'm used to making NPC's or encounters on the spot and if something is too hard I can gradually adjust mid-session. One of the things that makes my sessions stand out is the fact that I make my own custom systems and settings, things that make the setting feel unique while giving you the player more options, I'm also always open to 3rd party content and often give out homebrew items as rewards for large quests. Finally I can do a decent amount of voices but I wouldn't call myself a great voice actor and I of course can always make mistakes so feel free to point them out if I do.

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