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A long time long ago, when play by posting was the most popular form of online role playing, I became enamored with tabletop rpg's. In time I grew a fondness for worldbuilding, telling stories, and most importantly, the roleplay aspect. I love creating NPC's, BBEG's, and in general my favorite part about being a DM is that there's just so many different characters I get to play and interact with my players utilizing. Over time I've developed a taste for a variety of different game systems and have become fairly adept at adapting to even newer ones. Having run at least several games in each system listed I've been a busy bee, and have even taken to helping coach other DM's in how to run better games. If I don't immediately respond to you on StartPlaying.Games, feel free to go to my open DM's on twitter to get my attention!

GM style

Something that I pride myself on is the ability to perform loads of different character voices in order to breathe life into the world that you engage with. Dialogue will never be boring when I'm at the helm, and your enemies(should they be capable) will actively insult you and taunt you in combat to give you that extra bit of motivation to kick the crap out of them. My world is homebrewed, and can house a multitude of different play styles. Dungeon Delving? Exploration Themed? War Games? Open World? I can do it all and then some. I can promise when you play a game with me you'll get someone who is passionate about the game, prepares each session with love, and has intricate and unique worlds to explore. You can even see one of my games that I DM'd for some popular streamers on Roll For Content over on youtube to get an idea of what I'm like as a DM.


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