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Balanced approach to game play and rulings, sometimes the rule of cool prevails and others things backfire. 10+ years of experience as a player along with 7 years as a GM/DM with systems from Hackmaster to Dungeon & Dragons (4e and 5e). Open to different playstyles in order to make the best experience for all parties. Balanced games help get the feel for new groups and set first impressions and returning parties can always modify to a style that they feel fits what they want out of the games. I will never claim to be an expert on every aspect of the game, if i need to reference something I'll be honest and fair. I'm just a fan of TTRPGs who loves being a storyteller and being able to guide players through the world and have fun with other people who love the game. So grab a seat and let's make an amazing story together, looking forward to the antics and the fun challenges of new players and experiences.

GM style

I enjoy the art of storytelling and collective storytelling, I put a lot of effort into making an immersion setting and story. I would not call myself a voice actor by any measure but I have a range of voices im comfortable with and use inflection on my voice often to portray different NPCs. If you're looking for a unique and expert voice over experience with your games I may not be quite the right fit. That out of the way I am absolutely down for role play and strive on uniqueness with my NPCs to add depth to the world. I can really adapt to different groups needs, wanna role play all the time, perfect. Want a nonstop grind of battle and exploring then so be it. Love the aspect of exploring the world and discovery and exploration, I have the world for you with deep seeded lore, weaving together major D&D lore with my own original spins alongside my own original world lore I created specifically for it. I am fair with rulings and try to honor the rules but also want the table to have a fun experience and have those amazing over the top moments where maybe we smudged the rule, but it was all in the name of an amazing session and a fun experience for all involved. I'm no voice actor but my range as a character actor is far greater being able to dig in on the role playing aspects for depth, so actors welcome. Small PSA, I do not in any capacity deal with rudeness to your fellow players, nor gate keeping, bullying, belittling, or just generally being nasty or rude to others at the table. I will warn once and then blatantly ignoring this will have you leaving the table. I understand groups orlf friends being jovial with one another but we all came to have fun and play the game we love. And if during a session you find my game or my style is not your cup of tea, speak up and if you decide to leave then no hard feelings and I hope you find a GM that checks all your boxes in a game. If groups wish to start booking regularly and want to mix up the style to something more to their liking, ask and we can find that style that helps everyone leave feeling satisfied or I can hopefully point to a GM who can. So let's get going and have an amazing session or sessions.


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