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About me

I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons since the advent of the basic boxed set back in the early '80s. At that time, it was simply an extension of the Fantasy Sci-fi that I loved to read. My goals as a DM are to help foster a fun environment and help new players to experience the magic that TTRPG's can bring. I'm currently using Discord and Fantasy Grounds Unity and am open to trying out other systems if a group of folks want to play but wish to use something else. I'm an active mentor professionally and am happy to help apply that skill set to introduce new players to TTRPG's. By the late 80's I started running a campaign that would continue until the early 2000s. One of the great things that I found from this was that it fostered lifelong friendships. These friendships have lasted through divorces, moves, etc. While I may not be lucky enough at this stage of life to form another set of connections like this, I hope to help facilitate an environment that enables others to have the same experience. I've not been actively DM'ing for the past few years but have decided to return the table with the advent of the virtual tabletop software that has become more prevalent. I'm currently running a Pathfinder 1E campaign for my lifelong friends and am looking forward to new sessions with new players. I don't own many 'virtual' TTRPG's, and my physical collection has departed due to relocation choices. But I am happy to host the following: Pathfinder 1E (currently have the DM, Beasiary and Players guides. I'm happy to run Shadowrun (though I would need to find some source guides) AD&D 2 or 3.5e. (I have most of my source books in PDF format).

GM style

I like to run with a smattering of roleplaying, but I'll be honest, I'm a bit more focused on the enjoyment of the combat and puzzle-solving side of things. More importantly, I like to ensure that the players are having fun. But that being said, I run a bit more of a 'realistic' style of play. See below. I typically run pre-made modules overlayed into my campaign world. I feel that many gamers and groups find that as the hero's in the game, they should be able to 'walk on water.' While that's important as they are indeed the heroes and are better than the average commoner, they should also be reminded that there are bigger and nastier NPC's in the world. I also feel that, for the most part, semi-intelligent or pack monsters can sometimes be hamstrung by how a pre-made module may have them run. I'm not above tweaking things a bit to bring that realism out a bit more. E.g. Monsters in room A are fighting the party. Why shouldn't monsters in room B down the hall make a listen check to hear the fight and come investigate ;-) So what does this mean to the average player? Simple. Don't expect everyone and anyone to kowtow to you; don't expect that you can run roughshod over every NPC and not expect to get your butt handed to you. If you make a simple mistake or adhere to the GM's subtle hints, I'll ensure that a few poor dice rolls don't ruin the session, but if you poke the bear, don't expect to come out alive ;-)

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