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I'm a 33 year old Game Designer and Games Lore Writer. I've just recently moved from working for AAA game companies into full indie, I'm currently working on a dnd inspired pixel art game that I'm hoping to have out in the next year or so. I have two cats, like to bike ride and rock climb outside of my nerd hobbies, and hang out with friends when we can make the time for each other. I'm giving this online GMing thing a try because I have too much free time, and I need a way to fund my dice addiction haha. Hopefully you'll enjoy the setting I've made for my games, I've really developed it over the years with my Monday IRL players.

GM style

My philosophy when it comes to game design is to create experiences that players can't help but get lost in. Keen Eared and Detailed Oriented players are rewarded with just enough foreshadowing that they start to feel confident they know where the story is going, then for the mystery to be revealed, and their expectations shattered. Roleplay focused and Narrative Driven players are rewarded with a dynamic world, where their choices can shape the landscape and history, allow them to avoid combat with the right words, or to create conflict with a slip of the tongue. Game knowledge and Combat Focused players are rewarded with a range of encounters that will reward good tactics, intelligent play, and creative thinking. If combat is balanced correctly, Player Characters are significantly more powerful than most things that can be thrown at you as per the rules. It is my responsibility and pleasure to try and kill your characters to the best of my ability within the rules and balancing guidelines laid out in the Dungeon Masters Guide :) The number of monsters my players have permanently killed: 1k+ The number of player characters my monsters have permanently killed: 3

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