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- I am in my late-twenties, female, from Canada. I am a very intense D&D player and DM. I have DMed since 2012 and I enjoy it a lot. I have been playing for 21 years, as my uncle taught me at a very young age (7) how to play. By age 9, I was very, very good at AD&D 2nd Edition. I've been gaming ever since. I play only Humans, and it's not just in D&D, but also in World of Darkness (VTM or Mage 2nd Edition), Warhammer 40k, Exalted, Final Fantasy 14, World of Warcraft, Star Wars D20 Revised, and D20 Modern. A LITTLE MORE ABOUT MY STYLE ---------------- D&D Editions: AD&D 2nd Edition, D&D 3rd Edition, D&D 3.5 Edition, D&D 5th Edition Ages: 18+ (Language [you betcha], Violence [it's D&D duuuhh!], Nudity [yeah it is present], Sexual Content [if it happens, it happens]) My Experience Level: Veteran Game Worlds: Homebrew - Mirror Worlds Pendulon and Pendulym (High-Fantasy) (Steampunk) (Magic vs Technology) Level Experience Ratio: 1 to 30+ and Divine Rank (God Quests) Roleplay to Combat Ratio: 65 / 35 How to Contact Me: I use ROLL20, so you can contact me at Pendulym there.

GM style

I am a DM who puts tremendous care into the professionalism of my maps. My maps that are built for my world are extremely high quality in full 6K and 8K resolution (Trust me, they are massive maps), all completed on Inkarnate Pro in pristine quality. I put much emphasis into storytelling and historical lore for my D&D game worlds. I am very excited to share the history of my worlds with the players, and I provide an immersive experience to gamers. Though many have told me I should go fully professional and that my games are highly worth to be paid for to play, all of my games presently are FREE (as I still have a self-confidence issue that I'm just not good enough to ask people for their money to play in my worlds). My roleplay to combat ratio is about 65 / 35. I am a Heavy-RPer and I love watching my players roleplay and interact with the worlds I have built.

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