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About me

I Love running D&D & TTRPG games. The connection between the DM & Players is special. I get so much joy seeing a new player go from shy, to role playing with their favorite NPC. I may be guilty of chewing the scenery with a BBEG monologue once or twice. It's hands down my favorite way to entertain an audience.

GM style

Safety Tools & Communication 🦺 - My job here is to make sure everyone is having a good time. I do that by making sure we are all sitting down to the same tone of game. Monte Cook Consent in Gaming checklist is used for all games. 💛This is a safe space, if you're neuro-divergent, lbgtq+,disabled, or having financial hardships you have a spot here. DM me for any special accommodations you might need to be able to participate. See your Miniature doing battle ⚔ , 4 years exp running games with Battle Maps, 3d Terrain & Miniatures with a secondary camera. In combat I use Spell effects, Miniature customizations, and special lighting filters for an immersive experience. Backstory Incorporation - I want to include as much of your characters story into the world as you're comfortable role playing. NPC Voices 🎭 - From silly to creepy, heartwarming families to snotty kids asking for copper pieces I try to do it all.


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