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About me

My name is Michaela Kane and I am a professional Dungeon Master based in Tokyo! I have been a Dungeon Master for several multi-year campaigns, as well as numerous one-shot adventures. Like many DMs, I began as a player. But as my interest in Dungeons & Dragons grew, I began to feel the need to create my own stories and adventures for others. I've created an entirely homebrew world that is responsive to player choices and interests. My philosophy as a DM is one of letting players explore as much or as little as they want, and even in having players co-create cultures, civilizations, or mythology as suits their interests. What with pandemic and being international and all, I run all of my games online, primarily using a combination of Roll20 and discord. よろしく!

GM style

It is important to note that every Dungeon Master has their own way of playing the game. Some eschew strict rulings on mechanics to ease players’ way into the game, while others believe such detail is required for a full immersion in the world. Some DMs favor a tighter overarching storyline, while others take a sandbox approach and let players’ choices take the group where they may. My personal philosophy as a DM is: let the players decide. Whatever is most fun for the group is often what is most fun for me. Do my players want a simple and clean linear story with achievable goals and specific quests? Or would they rather wander freely about the world I’ve crafted, while I just serve as a tour guide to point out interesting features on their journey? Whatever is fun for you is fun for me! I love to set the mood with character voices, sound effects, and ambient music. I always strive to challenge my players with diverse combat and social encounters. And there is nothing I love more than a group of player characters chatting around a campfire and getting to know each other through collaborative roleplay.

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