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About me

Hey, David here or you can call me Fey as most do. About 5 years ago I got into D&D, getting a local group of friends together to give it a try. I jumped straight in as DM since it was my idea. Well its 5 years later and I have truly learned what the curse of the forever DM means. But in truth and all kidding aside I simply love it. The game has come to mean a lot to me and the many players I have had the pleasure to DM for. I run my games on Roll20 with voice comms through my Discord server. Which is where u will find the wacky yet badass little community of players from my past and current games. There is a wonderful community atmosphere within the server, some players have even wound up meeting in person after becoming amazing friends in game.

GM style

My DM style: Safe space and fun environment D&D is an amazing game where you can jump in head first and put yourself into the viewpoint of your own imagination, but with that comes a fear of judgement perhaps or passions run very high as we care so dam much about the game and our characters. So first and foremost I have a list of rules for playing within my server, it is outlined there in more detail of what is expected of players in terms of being respectful and kind to all at the table. With examples of behaviour that will not be tolerated ranging from disruptive behaviour to forms of harassment, all of which will be dealt with by me or other moderators within the server. Custom-tailored I enjoy working with players to build each game around their characters. Incorporating backstory encounters/story-lines with the written material or of course if it is a more sandbox you have joined up to. I will also depending on what each group favor be happy to place a focus in certain areas, this is all worked out in a session 0 with all players involved. Deciding on a 50-50 between RP and Combat or a heavier focus towards one. Gaming-style I love telling and building a story together with players.To date I have DM’d over 9 long running campaigns and 12 shorter ones. Ranging from Dragon of Icespire peak adventuring around the frontier town Phandalin, into the nine hell’s with Descent into Avernus!. One thing I have done throughout all this is put every effort into continually improving my skills as a DM so I can provide the best experience possible. Using amazing maps from the D&D community some of which are even animated, setting the music and sound effects just right to create the atmosphere and mood of the world around your players. When I narrate I do so with every effort to create the feeling you are speaking with a unique NPC. Im sure you may laugh a few times at some of the voices I use for them and I am more than ok with that!. Mostly I run games with some good positive vibes with a focus on shared storytelling

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