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About me

Hi I'm Wyatt! I have been a GM for about five years and love the craft. I'm currently a university student and was laid off at the beginning of the pandemic, so I'm looking forward to hosting some games as a means to pay some bills while doing what I love. I'm currently studying cultural anthropology and history, so I'm about as close to a trained worldbuilder as you can find, and that means that I usually like to run custom settings and a lot of indie tabletop systems. The downside of that is that there is always a little bit of an adjustment period to new systems for players, but the benefit is that any game you have with me will be a unique world with brand new experiences tailored specifically to the interests of my players. if its your cup of tea, I also have collected a lot of games that I like to use as collaborative world-building games to play with my players. (If any of you are familiar with the Friends at the Table Podcast, I take a lot of inspiration from their DM Austin Walker on that).

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