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Hello! My name is Nathan and I'm a software engineer by day, and a D&D enthusiast by night. I've been playing D&D since 4e back in high school and I always found an affinity for DM'ing, and helping my players live out their high-fantasy fantasies! It's my goal to have DM'ing be my primary career, so to help promote this, I treat all of my D&D adventures seriously. I put a lot of time and effort into preparing each session to ensure maximum player experience!

GM style

My games are always a good amount of both role playing and combat alike. I'm a big fan of using character voices and always happy when my PC's do the same! I really like to push for fleshed out character backstories as I try to incorporate each backstory in the world, making it feel alive, personal, and real. I enjoy working with both seasoned D&D players and beginners alike. I have set up a discord server to conduct the voice/video chat portion of games and would really like to build up a small community of vested D&D players and even possibly other DM's :D. While video is not required, I always encourage it along with perhaps lite cosplay to help get into character. I use Roll20 to conduct the game part of the session. I promote a friendly, open environment where everyone feels at home and safe. At my table, games are LGBTQ+ and BIPOC friendly. All identities are validated! I do not tolerate racism, sexism, or anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric or actions. The only way a theme like that may be in a game is if it is discussed beforehand, approved by all involved, and with these features have clearly defined negative characteristics. I really enjoy running the WotC 5e modules with a bit of a spin. I like to look for the shortcomings of the modules and fleshing it out with my characters to make for an overall more enticing and fun experience! I haven't done the most home-brew campaigns, but I'm planning on diving more into home-brew now that I'm dedicating more time and energy as a DM!

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