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Hello Player! You want to know more about me then? Very well, I shant make you roll for it... I've been DMing 5e a couple times a week for a year now and have run everything from one shots to campaigns, from the pre-made adventures of WotC to homebrew campaigns entirely of my own design! If you want deep rp, three dimensional npcs, challenging combats with all manner of strange creatures, gold, romance, otherworldly pacts, exploration, and most of all adventure join me at my table! If you want more information or reviews please see my page on fb, or send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! :)

GM style

If I had to pick between role-play and combat I pick role-play. Iā€™d like to immerse my characters in the fantasy world music visuals different voices for different characters and unique experiences for every location. With that said I still enjoy putting together a challenging combat with unique monsters.

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