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About me

Hello! We're Sarah and Jonathan, two DM's working together to bring the best TTRPG experience to you! We are two passionate DMs, that love crafting unique and engaging stories. With two of us working together you will get the best of both of us, from challenging combat and social encounters, to immersive maps and puzzles. We are friendly to players of all experience levels, ages, and interests!

GM style

Working with two DMs opens up a range of possibilities for players. With two of us, we can more easily work one on one with player characters firming games so you can accomplish your characters goals. We can divide the work to give you a quicker turnaround between games. And by combining our talents, you get a deeper, richer, world to explore and interact with. We like to think of ourselves less as storytellers and more as story facilitators. While we work hard to craft a good story for our games, we understand that the way our players choose to interact with that story is completely up to them! At our table we promise that you will be getting a unique game experience that responds to you and your actions - for better or worse. We have a variety of different skills to bring to the table - double the number of a single DM! Jonathan has years of experience in the technology and jewelry fields, and has a talent for devouring rule books. Sarah is a middle school teacher with a love of nature and history. And we both have an admiration and love of the arts. We feel these complementary skills give us the ability to craft rich game worlds with a deep history and diverse cultures; while also being able to assemble challenging combat and engaging encounters. Weather you are looking for deep intrigue and mystery, or thrilling, challenging, combat we are here to provide. Because at the end of the day, this is your story and we are here to help you live it.

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