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As a GM, I’d say my biggest priority is story telling. I love role play and world building, and I’m a huge believer that DnD campaigns are all of the players’ story, not just the GM’s. I love a good plot, and I will definitely include your character’s backstory as much as I can. My top priority will always be the players and their characters, and making sure that you enjoy the game. Always support creativity. I have a lot of fun with descriptions, NPCs, doing fun voices, and really just trying to bring the story to life. That being said, I also enjoy a well-done combat encounter. I try to be creative with combat so it’s not just cut-and-dry-hit-things-til-they're-dead. I’m a little loose with rules, but I try to follow the rules to the best of my ability. Comfortable with both home-brew and pre-written modules.

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