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I have been a GM for more than 30 years and have run games for dozens of RPGs and groups of players. I love story centered games where character's push forward the narrative. I tend to run my own content, but I am happy to run published adventures as well if that is what my group prefers. I am not a stickler for every rule in the handbook (they are all optional anyway) and prefer my games to flow and for the players to have fun. I like combat to be quick and deadly and with the exception of some big bad set pieces, I do not want it to take up the whole session. If you like two hours of battle tactics, then I am probably not your GM as I find those games to be a bit of a slog. That being said, I do make use of battlemaps and such when running combat encounters. My games are open to anyone and I try to be respectful of all backgrounds. I would not allow a bully at my table and would particularly welcome new players. I am currently running 5e for friends, but I am happy to be the GM for any number of games. Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, Shadowrun, Dark Conspiracy, Star Wars, GURPS, Lamentations of the Flame Princesses, Legend of the Five Rings, I have played them all and am happy to try something new. I am currently living in Germany while I work on my PhD, so I am especially available for anyone else in a European time zone, however I stay up late to play with my friends in Texas, so I can do the same with your group.

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