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Hey there! My name is Taylor Darhower, I am an 18-year-old college student, and I am absolutely in love with everything D&D and fantasy. I've been playing D&D ever since 5th Edition came out, and I've been a DM ever since my freshman year of High School. As you can see, I am quite younger compared to most of the other DM's out there, and I use this to my advantage. I have only played with people with 5 years of my age, so for those who are younger and want someone their age to help them get into D&D, I'm your guy. Getting a little more into myself, I am that rare breed of a jock-nerd. I absolutely love sports, I played football, ran track, and lifted weights. But I also am an avid comic reader, D&D player, and movie watcher. I am going to college to major in Athletic Management and a minor in writing. I'm using this website as a side-gig to keep some money coming in while I'm in college while also doing something I love. I can guarantee you can find something about my DM style that you will love, you can check my profile to see how I run my games, or you can even text me at 810-488-3304. I hope to see you at one of my games!

GM style

I DM quite differently compared to most DM's. I run a high-power, high-difficulty campaign, meaning I equip my players to be far stronger than they could ever be at other tables, however, due to that I also throw them in very challenging situations, to where if they use their equipment and abilities right, can come out on top. All my games are run in my homebrew continent of Poroquay, a land full of magic, power, and adventure. I have created (literal) hundreds of NPC's, weapons, classes, spells, etc, to fill this world makes it unlike any other. Experienced D&D players will be thrown into an entirely new world to explore and discover, and first-timers will gradually be introduced to the mechanics of D&D and the world in tandem. I run both overarching epic campaigns and one-shot quests in this sandbox continent at varying levels with various themes custom to how your party would like to play a campaign. Want to play as hardened adventurers tasked with taking down a great threat to the continent? Done. Want to play a political intrigue mystery where there is less fighting, but a ton of roleplay and espionage? You got it. Want to play as the villains of the story and attempt to throw over the governments and establishments of the world? Good luck. Want to play as nigh gods being able to bend the world around you to your will? Have at it. Anything you want to do can be done in this vast and versatile world, you need only ask it. A player will never be railroaded in my games, I allow complete and utter freedom.

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