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About me

Hey all! I'm a passionate DM that's been involved in some form of d20 system for 9 years. I started with D&D 3.5, migrated to Pathfinder 1e for a few years, and have now been running D&D 5e for 4 years. 5e is my preferred rules system at this time. I focus more on story than rules if I have to make the choice, but I try to stay balanced as much as possible. I'm here to tell a story with my players, and I consider them my equals when it comes to the story we tell. I use Roll20 for tabletop and I use Discord for Video and Voice. Shoot me a message if you're curious!

GM style

First and foremost, I'm a storyteller. I want my players to feel involved in the story and to realize that I'm working with them to tell the best story possible. Second, I'm open to players of various skill levels. I've taught plenty of people how to play, and my home game is a mix of veteran players and new players. So long as you aren't disruptive or making other players uncomfortable, you're welcome at my table. I try to balance between story and rules, but I'll bend rules if I can to try to make player ideas and plans happen. In a many ways, I may run the game, but the story belongs to my players. I may ask for a mailing address, so don't be surprised. I like to send actual mail to players.

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