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Ryan J.

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Ryan J.he/him

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About me

I'm a librarian, homebrewer, runner and D&D enthusiast (among other things). My wife fortunately tolerates all this. She even participates a bit herself. I'm not a min/maxer nor a rules lawyer. I love loose games with a bit of grit. Over 900 hours logged on Roll20, mostly as a DM.

GM style

I'm a DM that loves to get everyone involved. If you are a quiet player, I'll make a point to draw you into the action. I enjoy using the published rules as a foundation, then building on top of them. Don't be shy about jumping off a table to bring your sword down on a foe, or kicking the glowing campfire embers into the eyes of the snarling beast. We'll totally make that work on the fly! I'm not great with character voices, but I give it a go every now and then.

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