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About me

I have been a Dungeon Master for various public libraries professionally as well as played with my close friends for three years. I have been DMing for children as well as adults, players new and old. I have a few short one shots that can be strung together as a campaign as well as 4 campaign settings and a couple more on the way. These include the Phantasmal Islands an archipelago with floating islands, high magic, pirates and warring states, The continent of Isulldur a country changed by the rise of an empire, Rift Hunters a group of inter-planar peace keepers and bounty hunters, and lastly the Adventurers of Gariondale the world of one shots. I always try to write adventures around my players and I’m always willing to create new worlds for my players to explore.

GM style

I am a more relaxed GM focused on making sure everyone has a fun time. I do a few voices to get into the spirit of the characters. My worlds have a lot of lore for players who want to dive into that but if players just want to seek adventure it won't hinder their experience to miss the lore. Combats for my sessions almost always are part of the narrative I rarely have random combat for the sake of fighting, I find random social encounters much more enjoyable.

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