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About me

Hello and Salutations ! I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 2009 , i started out on 4e and have been enjoying 5e very much! As a almost forever DM with my friends i am looking forward to branching out and providing my adventure play style , i focus on fun , thrilling, and casual game play. I will be trying to focus more on the theater of the mind until i can get the resources to pull up images and battle maps. I look forward to gaming with you soon!

GM style

Alright so over my 11 years of playing dungeons and dragons I have found my style is more adventure and challenges. I do enjoy role play and make great attempts at getting my players involved , however I have learned to ad lib and play off the cuff when my players go off script. To be honest i actually enjoy when my players go off script , think outside the box , or make absurd choices. Because of my players interesting approach to my games I have a few rules i encourage; 1st Rule of Cool is my biggest, 2nd Anything you can do in real life you can do in the game unless it violates social etiquette or causes uncomfortability. 3rd If you want to try something I'll allow it but be prepared for the consequences While I enjoy many premade adventures and use them regularly I have only completed the Neverwinter Campaign Guide from 4E and Out Of The Abyss in 5E , along with a few Yawning Portal adventures which i very much enjoy. Otherwise I try to make up a lot of home brew games and base them off map ideas I come up with . I'm not great with voices but i try , I love combat except when it bogs down the game so i do my best to keep it interesting or short and tough. Exploration and easter eggish locations or locales are my favorite so i can add depth or mystique to the surrounding world and I find I'm getting better the more I add. I do have a major reoccuring problem with word pronunciation so if you become a player in my game or I join yours I ask you correct me if I butcher the word.

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