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Cole Barber

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Cole Barber

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4 years
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1 year
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About me

I've been a Dungeon Master for the past 4 years. The system that I play the most is Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. I'm well versed in the rules and understand the ins and outs of the game. It's a personal passion of mine so I keep up with and utilize a wealth of resources in order to run my games. My expertise is in encounter and world building as far as behind the screen talents. As a Dungeon Master I look to have the respect of my players when we're in session. If anyone at the table makes you feel uncomfortable or if there's anything you feel to be a problem, you can always come to me with it. My job is to facilitate a fun healthy and entertaining environment for us to game within. I love to see unique ideas presented to me and enjoy working with unique concepts. Don't misunderstand I love Human Fighter's, Edgy Rogues, and Nerdy Wizards. However an intellectual barbarian, a brutish sorcerer or even a brawny wizard all have a place at my table. Any and all ideas are at the very least worth working on. I love players who present me with lots of backstory and I enjoy bringing their ideas into reality. Making your dreams a reality is a part of the job this is fantasy after all. Homebrew, Unearthed Arcana and alternate source books are all welcome pending my personal approval of course. I run my games out of Roll20 as it's the service that I'm most familiar with. If any players have Talespire I'm relatively well versed in that service as well for tabletop. I run games fully virtual in order to best fit my schedule and life. I'm willing to aid players with any and all technical issues they may face. Aiding players is yet another facet of my job and I'm willing to go above and beyond for anyone who needs my help. If you're interested in me feel free to pass me an inquiry I await you behind the screen weary travelers.

GM style

I enjoy tense roleplay and tense combat. As a result my style has been fine tuned to fit this. Within my campaign's you'll deal with difficult encounters and interesting NPCs to facilitate both interesting roleplay and tough encounters.

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