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Evan's played D&D since middle school after seeing an episode of the Big Bang Theory. After running a combat heavy dungeon in 4e for about two years he transitioned to 5e. With another 4 years of DM experience he has been able to incorporate his roots in tactical combat into dynamic RP situations to create cohesive worlds that are molded by the actions and desires of the players. My style for DMing is epic, high fantasy with realism and twinges of horror counterbalanced with a few light hearted jokes. I prefer to run and play in the Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, Spell Jammer, and Eberron campaign settings. Adventures I've Run Tomb of Annihilation Curse of Strahd Homebrew Adventures I've Made The Cult of Tiamat (5e Campaign) The Coven of Ravenloft (5e Campaign) The All-Fathers Tomb (5e Campaign) The Necromancer's Quest (4e Campaign) The Fellowship's Disappearence (Spelljamer 5e Oneshot) Gold Rush of Dead Gods (5e Oneshot)

GM style

I'm a seasoned and energetic DM that is dedicated to providing a dynamic and engaging experience with breath-taking role-playing and tactical combat. Throughout the game you will be at the edge of your seat with tales full of intrigue and mystery. You will receive a mix of role-play and combat with a few sprinkles of puzzles thrown in. At the table, the expectation is to have clear communication and teamwork between everyone. Please leave all negative attitudes, murder hobos, and political talk at the door. I look forward to gaming with you soon! Thank you!

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