shadow wolf | Professional Game Master


im a die hard Star Wars, Tolken and DND nerd that livestream on fakebook games like eso and neverwinter . i am a dudgeon master at my community college seeking to create my own fantasy universe online and at campus .i have been working on my world since high school and love to play with my friends and build it one game at a time and share these adventures with others. my content creation covers everything from star wars rants about the evil Disney crap to doing dudgeon runs on mmos. i want to find people who i can build my world off of their adventures and add them to the history of my world. its a very long epic covering thousands of years and the rise and fall of empires. it is a very dark comedic universe , like if rick and Morty had a child with elder scrolls directed by Peter Jackson. i love to give the players role playing moments to make their characters real. i really look forward to building something great on this website. I just love creating adventures and showing them and telling them.( if any one wants to join my gaming channel you are more them welcome and if not that is completely fine as well._ i mostly do dnd 5th edition and or star wars rpgs and aim more for fun and roleplaying than i do about the math. i look forward to gaming with this community.

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