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About me

Hi, I'm Brendan, but you can call me Wiggy. Role Playing Games are my primary source of Serotonin, so I want to be able to interact with them as much as I can. I've been formally playing TTRPGs for just over four years now, but I've been planning campaigns and trying to convince friends to play for much longer. I even spent my childhood making up choose your own adventure style games for my friends, so you could say this is in my blood at this point. I'm always down to try new systems, or to break them to make them fit with the cool ideas I think up. If you end up at my game table you will get a Game Master that wants to work with you to weave together an unforgettable story.

GM style

I like to have a solid mixture of pre-planed content and adapting to player choices. I absolutely love roleplay and evocative descriptions, I want to know *how* you land the killing blow. I like combat to make sense and not just devolve into mindless slug and spell fests, a hard fought battle is the one that is worth winning, or even losing that's how the dice land! I'm slightly chaotic when it comes to the rules of the game, they guide and keep us on track when they suit us but can bend to match with the logic of the situation. If you can come up with a plausible argument on how you do something you're more than able to do it, just don't expect it to be easy to persuade a wall to fall down. I'm one part serious and one part goof, and I like my games to reflect that. The situation may be serious, but there's always room for a bit of levity or humour to lighten the mood. I'll differentiate my characters in their mannerisms and how they speak, but don't expect the voices to be the absolute best.

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