Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Your first D&D Campaign, The Lost Mines

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This is the introductory campaign for Wizards of The Coast Dungeons and Dragons. For first timers or veterans, this is a great campaign to get started in the Tabletop Roleplay Game hobby!...

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How to prepare

Download and read through the Basic Rules which can be acquired here: They will also have to have Skype and register on Roll20. Otherwise they should be okay.

What I provide

I have all the maps and tokens needed to run the game.

What else should you know

Be ready and willing to learn and try things, even if I say "No", it is usually a "No, but" and we can go from there.

Gameplay Details

This will be a fairly forgiving play-through of this campaign with the intention of helping beginners learn the ins and outs of 5e D&D. As you learn though I will slowly ease off the coaching and training wheels to help you and your group grow into D&D veterans as quick as I can!

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