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Have you ever wanted to play as a terrifying Mythos Ghoul or an adorable Dreamlands Cat from the works of HP Lovecraft, but in the traditional fantasy setting iconic of D&D 5e? Then Sandy Peterson's Cthulhu Mythos Sagas ...

Don't see a time that works for you?

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How to prepare

Players will receive a copy of the expanded ruleset and will be encouraged to peruse the chapters with the setting specific races/subclasses and dread/insanity mechanics, but, once again, it's not necessary. Players are also encouraged to create a backup character as the adventure has a decent probability of PC death, but again, not necessary. I use a combination of Discord and Roll20 to run the game, so players must have both installed and registered.

What I provide

A hearty laugh, a warm smile, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the game!

What else should you know

Although PVP is not banned, it is frowned upon and generally considered bad manners at my tables. I have no patience for bigotry or discrimination of any kind. Cursing and adult language are fine as long as it doesn't devolve into grotesquely sexual language that could potentially make others uncomfortable. I make an enormous effort to make sure all of my players feel safe and welcome, and I wish to be treated equally in that regard! :)

Gameplay Details

In addition to all Core 5e content, we will be using a Cthulhu Mythos expanded ruleset which includes 4 mythos specific playable races, mythos specific subclasses, and a more nuanced Insanity mechanic. This adventure focusses on exploration and discovery, with a huge map to explore and a large number of landmarks to discover. Creatures of all shapes and sizes will be encountered on your journey, some friend and some foe. Expansive dungeons filled with ancient and powerful weapons, and treasure in every nook and cranny.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will start at level 1. I will personally assist in character creation in one-on-one sessions. Utilizing the setting specific races and subclasses are encouraged, but not necessary.

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