Dungeons & Dragons 5e | WoW Ragefire Chasm One-Shot

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Zoom, Theater of the Mind

Dungeon crawl based on a dungeon in a very popular MMORPG you may have heard of. This is my first foray into DMing and I felt it would be smart to do something I'm familiar with. I have probably a DECADE or more of WoW e...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

PC and/or access to Discord. Having a level 3 created would be cool. Join my Discord and utilize the D&D channel(s) to talk to each other. D&D Beyond has its own Dice-roll feature, but if you want to use your own and report results, that's cool.

What I provide

The layout of the dungeon (which I will figure out how to fog-of-war without the use of things I have to pay for) hopefully existent DM abilities?

What else should you know

I'm new to DMing (have I said that enough yet?) I'd love feedback (even as we go, as long as the other players don't feel that it's slowing things down.

Gameplay Details

Start at level 3. Choose from all Races and Classes as long as they're "cannon enough" so as not to break the game. I'm thinking about giving every character a specific "heroic" Action usable once per (condition met) depending on their Class/Race/player choice. It's a dungeon crawl kinda thing so it'll mostly be fighting. I for sure have 1 "how do we get past this obstacle" moment, and likely one or two of the objectives might require some investigation.

How Will Character Creation Work

Level 3. Using D&D Beyond or regular character sheets if you have a race/class build you want to play but not the D&D Beyond things purchased to make it (I feel ya). I will want to see character sheets before-hand. Will be free to answer questions outside my day-job. If you're BRAND new to character creation I'd be happy to help. It's not the kind of scenario where picking the right languages and tools and specialties is SUPER important though.

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