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Monster of the week is quick to pick up and crazy fun to play. Dice rolls, when failing, add a delightful amount of narrative tension. Bring your characters and be ready to engage in cooperative storytelling. The theme ...

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How to prepare

we will setup a dialogue about what you don't enjoy in the horror genre

What I provide

all information I will provide

What else should you know

we will discuss hard limits for triggers and what not to be explored in the horror genre

Gameplay Details

Players roll 2d6 to determine success. As keeper I will never roll dice, your failures make you fate's playthings and allow me to create danger. There tends to be copious planning in these games. Monsters are very dangerous in this game and you have to investigate and figure out how to beat them without perishing. at the end of each session players will gain experience by reminiscing on saving locals and what they learned about the other player's characters.

How Will Character Creation Work

we will create characters at the start of the session

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