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A tavern is always a spot to find adventure to riches, and in Waterdeep the Yawning Portal Tavern is no different. A simple bar brawl is no problem if it breaks out, and what better way to prove that you are adventurers...

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How to prepare

If you have a character or a character idea, please submit to me in advance. If you have an idea of what you want to play, let me know and I'll help you out.

What I provide

Characters can be provided, as well as basic background information.

What else should you know

DM only speaks English.

Gameplay Details

Above game player talk is fine when it comes to decision making. Role-play encouraged when speaking in character! Fun is the main point as we go through this adventure. Beginning players are welcomed as you learn the D&D 5e system. For a quick rating, I tend to run at a PG-13 rating. If younger children join up, I will modify to where parents are comfortable. For horror based adventures, players are encouraged to use traffic light signals when it comes to comfortable/uncomfortable situations. Green is fine, yellow is proceed with caution, and red is a stop. You can either type this in the VTT I'm using or say it out loud in the Discord chat. The last thing I want is players to feel uncomfortable. I want to create a game experience that everybody enjoys.

How Will Character Creation Work

Start at level 1. Character creation can happen on your own, if you help I can assist as well.

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